My FaVoriTe ImAgeS frOm 2013 {portraits}


Hi Everyone! As I said on my last post, even though I did a lot of traveling this year, I was also busy shooting all kinds of beautiful sessions (families, babies, newborns, commercial portraits, high school seniors, maternity, etc), and because I did not have much time to blog this year I just decided to get caught up by doing a post with my favorite images of the year. These are my favorite portraits only, I will do some more posts on my favorite images from weddings, and of course, from my travels.

Photography is a never ending journey of learning. As I look at my images every year I notice how I gradually improve my techniques and I become more and more comfortable with my subjects. I will forever be fascinated with light, capturing images and boding with people, especially children. If you have any questions about my techniques on shooting or editing please feel free to ask 🙂

I travel to Florida for work often, so some of these images are taken there just in case you were wondering. I am sooo grateful for all my old and new beautiful clients and I look forward to another year of fun shooting!!  And thank you to all my new followers too, I am looking forward to hearing from you. I hope you all enjoy the images 🙂

Love, Karina

_DSC9405web _DSC7987web _DSC7979web _DSC7882web _DSC7828web _DSC7733web _DSC7694web _DSC7674web _DSC7579web _DSC7517web _DSC7438web _DSC7343web _DSC7329 _DSC7309web _DSC7208web _DSC7162web _DSC7153web _DSC7123web _DSC7025web _DSC6958web _DSC6945web _DSC6889web _DSC6884web _DSC6879web _DSC6707web _DSC6658web _DSC6608web _DSC6590web _DSC6580web _DSC6480web _DSC6436web _DSC6388web _DSC6306web _DSC6296web _DSC6225web _DSC6209web _DSC6200web _DSC6159web_DSC5743web _DSC5807web _DSC5965web _DSC5937web _DSC6034web _DSC6039web _DSC5866web_DSC6023web _DSC5901web _DSC5843web_DSC5302web _DSC5414web _DSC5421web _DSC5445web_DSC3467web _DSC3429web _DSC3501web_DSC4871web _DSC4962web_DSC2712web _DSC2940web_DSC2763web _DSC2908web _DSC2852web _DSC2836web_DSC1279web _DSC1222web_DSC5266web _DSC5243web_DSC5543web _DSC5648web_DSC0917web _DSC0890web_DSC1430web _DSC1502web _DSC1416web_DSC3338web _DSC3316web _DSC3121web_DSC4054web _DSC4021web _DSC4091web _DSC3712web _DSC3782web _DSC3787web

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HaPpY NeW YeaR !!!

Long time no see sweet WORDPRESS friends!!! As you can see I just jumped from Valentine’s day to New Year’s, yikes! It has been a LONG time since I blogged last, but that does not mean I don’t love blogging or writing anymore 🙂 2013 was a year full of transformative and growth catalyzing changes for me so I’ve been busy implementing these changes and adapting to my new life.  And even though I did a lot more traveling this year, I was still really busy with the business, so on my next post I will be sharing my favorite pictures of the year 🙂 Then I will do several consecutive posts to share some of my travel adventures that include Arizona, Utah and several cities of California.

Wishing you all a year filled with growth, newness, vitality, blessings, and of course lots of inspiration! 🙂

Here is a little essay I wrote and a photo-quote I created:

“This new year:
Move in the direction of your yearning.
No longer entertain life’s half truths and cut to the chase.
Substitute cliches for innovation.
Simplify your days and sensibilities.
Inhale deeper, drown your excuses and do it.” 

ImageImage and poem copyright Karina Heneghan

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So much has been said about LOVE…. The almighty clichĂ©, over-used, adulating descriptive verb and rapturous emotion that makes the world go ’round.

It can elevate us to the heavens or intimidate us stiff. It permeates our religious texts, poetry books and human rights manifestos, and in most cases, it is what inspires our procreation 🙂

We passionately crave it, desperately need it, and consistently pursue it throughout our lives… but the most important of all the realizations about love is the one that will allow us to get closer to ourselves so we can truly share it with the rest of the world.

The realization that we are love…

Wishing you all a ‘share yourself, share your love’ type of Valentine’s day 🙂


Image Copyright Karina Heneghan

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The Importance Of Being Indian

Here is an assortment of the most interesting portraits I took during my journey in India. In my opinion, these people represent the country and its culture with much dignity and colorful splendor.

As I write this,  I experience a deep sense of gratitude for these people were my greatest teachers during my travels. They all in their own way and through their own unintentional example, made me realize something important about the purpose of living, and gave me a new sense of perspective that it has enriched my life.

They were beautiful children, parented or orphans, caring mothers, shop owners and beggars, street vendors, holy men, market workers and others.

They all contributed to make my experience memorable and unforgettable just by being there. I read in a book once that it is important to not only conceptualize our breakthroughs but also experience them. Breakthroughs are pretty much defined by a sudden flash of clarity or even perhaps a momentary lapse -not of reason but intuitive knowledge. The restrictions we once felt are dissolved and we suddenly taste a new form of understanding that fills us with a palpable sense of freedom.

I had many breakthroughs during my journey, some of them propitiated by mainly being present and observing, but most of them by my encounters with these incredibly humble and loving people who filled my heart with immense joy, and taught me some invaluable lessons on acceptance and living wholly.

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by… ♥


_DSC2516 _DSC2462 _DSC2465 _DSC3413 _DSC2518 _DSC2535 _DSC2605 _DSC2639 _DSC2643 _DSC2714 _DSC2779 _DSC3355 _DSC3401 _DSC3703 _DSC3430 _DSC3444 _DSC3450 _DSC3452 _DSC3460 _DSC3463 _DSC3468 _DSC3471-2 _DSC3473 _DSC3488 _DSC3490 _DSC3491 _DSC3498 _DSC3501 _DSC3508 _DSC3669 _DSC3677 _DSC3681 _DSC3682 _DSC3918 _DSC4010 _DSC4032 _DSC4033 _DSC4037 _DSC4038 _DSC4043 _DSC4073 _DSC4096 _DSC4117_DSC2729And I had to include this picture of me with this AMAZING little being. He was one of the happiest kids i’ve ever met ♥

ALL IMAGES copyright Karina Heneghan.



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HaPPy NeW YeaR !!

Wishing you all a 2013 filled with personal growth, fearless adventure, inner and outer exploration and lots of material and spiritual prosperity 🙂 (Copyright Karina Heneghan and Siddharth Bhargava).

Photo-quote 2013 copy

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Taj Mahal – A Poem in Stone

A amazing poem by an amazing writer I love 🙂
(Image copyright Karina Heneghan)

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Entrancing India

Full of charm, mysticism and philosophical principles… India will cast a spell on you that will quickly make you fascinated with the occult 🙂



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An amazing poem that describes an exceptional being I’ve always known…

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Solo in India

As I lay here and reflect upon all the amazing experiences I’ve had in India so far, I can’t help but feeling as if my life is entering a new cycle of rebirth.

I came here alone with the sole purpose of confronting my most fearful delusions and to do some really deep mind management. I believe that as we grow old we lose a sense of perspective in life due to a severe self-disconnection. Some of us can be really aware of this and some of us can stay in this ignorant state for an eternity and never do anything about it.

As I said in my last post, during the last year I felt a sort of existential despair that forced me into doing something this radical. Coming to India alone has been the most intimidating and terrifying experience of my entire life, but so far, I would not change it for the world. I have realized that as a solo traveler, your disposition determines the way you experience the world and the positivity and enrichment of your experiences, so I came here with one unbreakable self-agreement: To accept whatever comes my way as I would have chosen it for myself.

 As a member of such a prolific society, where we always have more than what we need, and our lives are orderly governed by laws that are often followed, I ask myself why most people live in such discontent. It is like an emotional disorder that it never gets addressed and even if it does, it only receives the wrong approach. Then, I travel across the world to find the most chaotic environment rooted in the most radical poverty you can imagine, but very few people seem to be remotely unhappy or even stressed? Yes, the contradiction is implausible, and that is the reason why I am here.

I find that this is the only country that has the power to truly transform me for many reasons. It is a country with very weak infrastructure and no rules, but its people are an example of what an ordinary mortal can endure and the contentment he can achieve through the power of acceptance.

 One thing is very real though, and that is the fact that nothing or nobody can ever prepare you for what you will encounter here. I don’t care how many stories you’ve heard, how much yoga you do, or how many Maharishi’s books you’ve read, if your heart is not open and you are not self aware enough to choose your responses, you will find yourself as the protagonist of your worst nightmare.

 As I daily try to process the behavior of a system that follows deterministic laws but appears very random and unpredictable, I choose to not resist it and to dilute it in the beauty I find everywhere, and that is what sustains me and trains me as I travel through India on my own.

The Chinese character for “crisis” is comprised by two other sub-characters, one that spells “danger” and one that spells “opportunity”. Sure is treacherous coming to India alone, a stupid idea perhaps for some, but in my opinion, our western behavior of reckless indifference to life and constant inconformity with our environment is a much more dangerous way of living.

Once in a while, have the courage to dive into the “dangerous” path of doing more than just existing, and you will have the “opportunity” to experience something extraordinary  🙂

 Love, Karina

Senses textweb

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My Journey to India


Hello everyone! I will be traveling through India in the next couple of months and I could not be any more excited about this fabulous and wild adventure I am about to embark upon!

The reasons for taking this journey are multiple but the most important one of all is always the one dictated by my higher self.  I heard a very loud whisper in my heart at the beginning of this year that it was telling me that it was time for me to go…

There is also a deep personal reason that lies in the pursuit of self-mastery which I am very well aware it can be a tormenting path, but so it can be the perpetuation of mediocrity in my opinion.

In the last decade I’ve often experienced a sort of existential despair that I think it is based on the following: Our ability to dream is constantly challenged by society’s view point of what is possible and what is reality, and if we make our life choices based on that, unfortunately the only dream left is a compromise, and I am not willing to live my life with this kind of false limitations.

I am a seeker of truth because it is the only essence of personal power. I believe -as I’ve said many times in the past- that we are not victims of the events in our lives, but the events in our lives are the creations of what we perceive them to be, and understanding this truth is essential to the achievement of our own dreams and destinies.

But none of this can explain my reasons for traveling to India better than this excerpt from the fabulous new book I am reading by Joe Dispenza (Changing the habit of being yourself):

” To forget about the people we know, the problems we have, the things we own, and the places we go, to lose track of time, to go beyond the body and its need to feed its habituations, to give up the high from emotionally familiar experiences that reaffirm the identity, to detach from trying to predict a future condition or review a past memory, to lay down the selfish ego that it is only concerned with its needs; to think and dream greater than how we feel, and crave the unknown -this is the beginning of freedom from our present lives.

If you need to get in touch with me about my services or for any other reason, please do so via email. I would love to hear from you! 🙂

Love, Karina







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