I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina but I grew up in Caracas, Venezuela where I attended most of my school years and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Working in South America as a Pharmacist was fun and I loved it, but after moving to the States I was already starting to change my mind about many things, including my personal approach to restoring health and curing illness, so unfortunately Pharmacy was not a fulfilling path for me anymore.

I have always been a lover and venerator of art and all forms of self-expression, so when faced with the decision of a career change, I gave Photography a chance and I have not looked back since. I have a raw and genuine passion for capturing the world and its fascinating habitants through my lens and for telling stories with my images that will endure the passage of time.

 I am a firm believer in the ideology that no matter who you are, your happiness lies in dedicating your work to the purpose of healing the world, and that’s why I am a Photographer. Photography is what keeps my world in orbit.

My influences include Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Doisneau. I prefer a style that is candid, elegant, and timeless and is guided by the belief that a photographer should transform the viewer into the original observer. My challenge in every assignment is to be able to capture not only a moment in time, but also the right emotion to make the viewer grasp the entire experience through just a simple glimpse.

 But besides all these false idolatrous notions, I am a humble citizen of the universe, a world traveler, a Buddhist and a yogi, a bad cook but a fabulous dancer, a lover of physics, goats and fine scotch, a writer that is single by choice, but most importantly and first on my list of priorities, an inspirator and a seeker of truth.

 Formal training includes:

~International Center of Photography, NYC, New York
~Speos Photographic Institute, Paris, France
~Dunedin Fine Art Center, Dunedin, Florida.


Photo by John Bosley www.johnbosleyphotography.com


5 Responses to About

  1. A J says:

    Loved your collection. It would not be fair if I do not let you know your lamps are amazing. Keep going!!

  2. SUCH a cute photo!! You are amazing!

  3. Javi&Palace says:

    Al ser nacida en Argentina, y al haber estudiado en Venezuela, supongo que hablarás algo de español 😛

    Fue abrir la página web Urbanity designs, y aluciné con el diseño de la primera lamp que vi, y luego con todas las demás! Cuanta originalidad!!!!! I want one in my bedroom!! The one about Times Square…lovely and colorful.

    Keep your company up, and luck with your lamp designs!

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