The Charming And Magical Mission Inn Hotel

I did some extensive traveling throughout California last year, and as I was visiting Riverside, I went to see the majestic Mission Inn Hotel. I could seriously not believe my eyes!

Framed by its breathtaking Spanish Mission-style architecture, this hotel is a National Historic Landmark and member of the Historic Hotels of America. Its amazing award winning architecture and style from 1876 evokes the romance and enchantment of a European Castle. It is super romantic 🙂

It occupies an entire block in downtown Riverside and it is a place where magnificent vistas harbor countless, intimate, hidden treasures. And it’s also where the outside world is left behind to set a vivid stage for memories that will last a lifetime, it seriously feel like you are living in different time period.

I visited it several times, couple times during the day and one time at night. The vibe was completely different, but remarkably beautiful in different ways. The images taken at night are not as sharp as the ones taken during the day as I did not have a tripod.

If you ever visit southern California, this will be a place you can’t miss. I am not sure you will find something quite the same anywhere else in the country. Its uniquely remarkable!

All images copyright Karina Heneghan

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2 Responses to The Charming And Magical Mission Inn Hotel

  1. Rechito says:

    I live less than an hour away and I’ve yet to visit. Well captured!

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