Charli’s “One Year Old” Session

I have worked with a lot of children and babies during my years as a photographer, but there is something incredibly special about working with a baby that is yours or that belongs in your family. This gorgeous child is my niece Charli Raye, she is not only one of THE MOST beautiful children I have ever photographed, but she is also a bundle of joy and fun! 🙂 The time I spent working and bonding with her was unmatchable, and of course I am biased… I love her so much it hurts!! But how can you not!? Just take a  look at these images and tell me how they make you feel… ❤

For the first part of her session I chose a farm like place outside of Nashville where the reflective light was just amazing and appropriate. And for the second part, I chose the gorgeous Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville, where the backdrops were to die for.

Having the opportunity of documenting Charli’s growth in such a creative way makes me feel super happy, and I hope one day, when she is older and sees these images, that she would be happy too, and that she would love her auntie Kari even more for having captured such fun images of her!! Lol.

All images Copyright Karina Heneghan

_DSC9571_DSC9616 _DSC9653_DSC9663 _DSC9659 _DSC9708_DSC9897 _DSC9846 _DSC9863_DSC9823 _DSC9819 _DSC9812 _DSC9789 _DSC9714_DSC2470_DSC2489_DSC2516_DSC2531

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