Adjust Your Attitudes

Hey guys! Sharing a bit of my inner reflections today….. this blog isn’t all about work and no play! 😉

I’ve been hearing a lot of blue words of discontent lately from friends and acquaintances and my first reactions to them were: This is the beginning of a new year, shouldn’t we be excited about having another opportunity to change things around?, about the fading of the old patterns and the newness of the next 12 months?

Just a reminder to evaluate your attitudes. Now is the time to gather inspiration and to formulate your plan of action; the time to reassess your strengths and weaknesses and to be honest with yourself. To completely let go of your self-impose limitations and to forgive your intentional or unintentional non-accomplishments. I know self motivation is elusive, but it is infinitely more difficult to find when we are trapped in the heavy quicksand-ish hold of a negative attitude.

Counting your blessings may be an all time cliche… but it really works. When feeling frustrated or negative, shift your attention to all the amazing blessings in your life, include your playdates, privileges, and sunny days, and don’t ever forget your freedoms, that is the most unacknowledged of all of our blessings 🙂

Wishing you an inspiring and empowering beginning of the year!


Photo-quoteJan2014Image copyright Karina Heneghan

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