My FaVoriTe ImAgeS frOm 2013 {portraits}


Hi Everyone! As I said on my last post, even though I did a lot of traveling this year, I was also busy shooting all kinds of beautiful sessions (families, babies, newborns, commercial portraits, high school seniors, maternity, etc), and because I did not have much time to blog this year I just decided to get caught up by doing a post with my favorite images of the year. These are my favorite portraits only, I will do some more posts on my favorite images from weddings, and of course, from my travels.

Photography is a never ending journey of learning. As I look at my images every year I notice how I gradually improve my techniques and I become more and more comfortable with my subjects. I will forever be fascinated with light, capturing images and boding with people, especially children. If you have any questions about my techniques on shooting or editing please feel free to ask 🙂

I travel to Florida for work often, so some of these images are taken there just in case you were wondering. I am sooo grateful for all my old and new beautiful clients and I look forward to another year of fun shooting!!  And thank you to all my new followers too, I am looking forward to hearing from you. I hope you all enjoy the images 🙂

Love, Karina

_DSC9405web _DSC7987web _DSC7979web _DSC7882web _DSC7828web _DSC7733web _DSC7694web _DSC7674web _DSC7579web _DSC7517web _DSC7438web _DSC7343web _DSC7329 _DSC7309web _DSC7208web _DSC7162web _DSC7153web _DSC7123web _DSC7025web _DSC6958web _DSC6945web _DSC6889web _DSC6884web _DSC6879web _DSC6707web _DSC6658web _DSC6608web _DSC6590web _DSC6580web _DSC6480web _DSC6436web _DSC6388web _DSC6306web _DSC6296web _DSC6225web _DSC6209web _DSC6200web _DSC6159web_DSC5743web _DSC5807web _DSC5965web _DSC5937web _DSC6034web _DSC6039web _DSC5866web_DSC6023web _DSC5901web _DSC5843web_DSC5302web _DSC5414web _DSC5421web _DSC5445web_DSC3467web _DSC3429web _DSC3501web_DSC4871web _DSC4962web_DSC2712web _DSC2940web_DSC2763web _DSC2908web _DSC2852web _DSC2836web_DSC1279web _DSC1222web_DSC5266web _DSC5243web_DSC5543web _DSC5648web_DSC0917web _DSC0890web_DSC1430web _DSC1502web _DSC1416web_DSC3338web _DSC3316web _DSC3121web_DSC4054web _DSC4021web _DSC4091web _DSC3712web _DSC3782web _DSC3787web

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