Erika and Logan’s Wedding ♥

Here are some of my favorite images from Erika and Logan’s Wedding. One of the most fun couples EVER! They got married at the gorgeous Denver Botanical Gardens, one of my favorite places in Colorado. It is truly one of the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever seen. Their wedding was original, fun and it really reflected both their personalities ! I was impressed when I heard their reading at the ceremony, it was by Einstein ! One of my favorite people in the world 🙂

One of my favorite photos ever! How cool is this!?

The gorgeous and colorful details from the reception.

And lastly, this is picture I took through a kaleidoscope that day, I thought it was original and cool so I wanted to include it on this post 🙂

ALL images © Karina Heneghan. Second Photographer Tess Polivka.

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8 Responses to Erika and Logan’s Wedding ♥

  1. Kari as usual so many and lovely pictures!!! details…..that’s the key….i just enjoy so much to see them…..keep having fun….love, Oli

  2. Mark Sugden says:

    These pictures are wonderful. I’m going to be shooting some pre-wedding pictures for one of my best friends as she and her party get ready soon, and these have really inspired me. Thank you.

  3. dafarmer says:

    Love the chucks!!! I think that is awesome the bride had such shot hair and embraced it! What a simple looking wedding and how beautiful it was all at the same time. You totally rocked it Karina!

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