The Wetterling Family

I photographed the wonderful and beautiful Wetterling Family last Sunday afternoon at Sterne Park in Littleton, CO. To my surprise this park was wonderful and a very good location for photography. It had a beautiful lake, a wonderful rose garden and a very cool fountain, so I will definitely be using it again. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we had a lot of fun! The kids were adorable and so well-behaved :). I chose to edit the majority of the images in a vintage/yellowish tone as this effect works really well with the colors they were wearing.

Cate is so adorable and sweet 🙂

Cate and beautiful Sally.

Cate, Jack and Nick 🙂
The twins, Nick and Caitlin 🙂

I absolutely love these images of Jack and Brian. They convey how much fun the have together.

How adorable are these three!? 🙂

Lollipops ! How fun 🙂

Love this picture of Jack with his big blue eyes and amazing smile 🙂

Bubbles too! I loooooove these warm and fun images 🙂

And then we took these last ones at the fountain. I thought these looked great in black and white! They are also back lit as I was shooting against the light 🙂


So much fun! All images © Karina Heneghan

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