Priya and Ajay’s Wedding {Haldi Ceremonies Part 1}

Hi everyone! Continuing with the celebration of Priya and Ajay’s Wedding I am so excited about this post as this function was one of my favorites! Once you see the pictures you will understand why. The Haldi Ceremony is one of the most important pre-wedding rituals and it is celebrated at the homes of both, the groom and bride.

Haldi is turmeric powder which is mixed with rose water and sandalwood. This paste is applied to the arms, head andface of the bride and groom to enhance the beauty of their complexions and make their skin glow for the big day. In the groom’s house his female relatives apply the paste on him and then rinse him with water.

The Haldi Ceremony also holds the spiritual significance of blessing, cleansing and purifying the soon to be married couple.

After the haldi dries the bride and groom shower and change to join the celebration and share some food and drinks with their families.

Here are some fun images from Priya and Ajay’s Haldi Ceremonies:

Leaves for applying the Haldi paste and tray with turmeric, water, oils, mehndi, and other spices.

Priya’s mom applying the haldi paste on Priya.

Priya’s brother Karan applying the Haldi.

After a while things got a little crazy and everyone started to smear the haldi paste on each other! 🙂

A bit later things got even crazier therefore a lot MORE FUN!!!

I LOVE this shot!! It is priceless 🙂

Priya’s dad applying the haldi to her face. I love her expression 🙂

Needless to say this was without a doubt one of the most fun, aromatic and colorful events i have ever photographed 🙂 I love Indian culture and all its rituals because they are so full of meaning, and because when they are performed, there is a powerful and uplifting energy that really bathes every one who participates.

All images © Karina Heneghan.

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2 Responses to Priya and Ajay’s Wedding {Haldi Ceremonies Part 1}

  1. Jill says:

    Wow!!! Love, love, love it! What an amazing event! You really know how to capture a moment, Karina. Your photos are beautiful and I love the expressions on their faces. Everyone looks like they are having such an incredible time.

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