Priya and Ajay’s Wedding {Tilak Ceremony}

The second function for the beautiful traditional Indian wedding of Priya and Ajay was the Tilak Ceremony. Among the pre-wedding functions, the Tilak Ceremony holds an important position. This function is held at the groom’s residence or at any temple. In Sikh religion, the ceremony is performed by a preacher or bhaiji from the Gurudwara who first recites the hymn and after that applies the tilak or tika on his forehead, marking the engagement. That’s why it is known as a Tilak Ceremony. However, in most of the communities of Hindu religion, the Tilak is applied by the bride’s brother on the groom’s forehead.

The Tilak is made of sandal-paste or sacred ash and it is a sign of respect, honor and benediction. The Tilak is applied at the Ajna Chakra  (the space between the two eyebrows) at the spot of the Third Eye. It has a cooling effect and creates good vibrations.

Traditionally, the bride does not attend this ceremony; mostly the bride’s family and relatives and the bride’s father looks after all the ceremonial activities. The Ceremony of Tilak brings both families together and the actual purpose for its celebration is to enhance the bond between the two families.

The Ceremony begins with a puja or havan where the bride and the groom’s families pray for the happy and auspicious future of the couple. After the puja rituals the bride’s family offers gifts to the groom and his family members. The gifts include clothes, sweets, fruits and other items. Following the ceremony, the groom’s father also sends gifts to the bride.

Here are some fun images from that day 🙂

The Tilak Ceremony took place at the beautiful home of Ajay’s parents in Superior. Notice the delicate flower garlands and lanterns.

Ajay’s beautiful and wonderful family.

Ajay with his mom and sister Neena.

Priya’s family coming into the house and being welcomed by Ajay’s family 🙂

Take a look at the beautiful details of Neena’s outfit below

Ajay offering some rose petals to Lord Ganesh.

Karan applying the Tilak on Ajay’s forehead, feeding him and giving him gifts 🙂

Nina during the Tilak.

The proud and happy families together after the ceremony 🙂

All images © Karina Heneghan Photographics.

The third function of the wedding was the Haldi! Stay tuned, I promise you will absolutely LOVE that preview!! 🙂

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