The Hollenbeck Family

I had the pleasure to work with the fun Hollenbeck family last week at Washington Park. Wash park has become a bit overused by us photographers for sessions but the good thing about it is that it’s big and diverse enough to make each session look a little different. For this particular shoot I used the gardens, the lake and the trees. I think that works best for a family session 🙂

Love how the flowers in the background match some of the colors in their clothing 🙂

I love to apply different effects to my images, they make them more visually interesting.

What a beautiful family! 🙂

I always advice my clients to bring different outfits, this way the images don’t look so repetitive. I love R E D !! 🙂

And how fun is this !?

One of the most beautiful things in Wash Park is this fantastic tree that extends over the lake. I LOVE IT!

Beautiful couple!

And I love this image of them looking at the sunset! I had so much fun working with them… yay 🙂

All images © Karina Heneghan Photographics.


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2 Responses to The Hollenbeck Family

  1. Julie says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!!

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