Lindsay and Shaeffer {Part 3}

After the beautiful ceremony guests enjoyed some delicious drinks and appetizers and played some fun games while we were taking some pictures of the happy couple 🙂

I am in awe of the beauty of this place and I love this image. The cloud looks painted on or photoshoped but I swear it is real! Lol.

I love the texture in the wood of the cabin and I thought it would be great for some black and white images.

Love it!

And I absolutely LOVE all these details. They are fun, original and tasteful. Lindsay had an old mailbox as a receptacle for the cards, one table was decorated with their colorful initials and instead a guestbook, they chose to have a tower of Jenga blocks where guests had to remove one block at the time and sign it. How cool is that?!

And how fun are these ladies!? I loved this group of people 🙂

And these images really convey how much fun this group was and had! Take a look at Shaeffer’s grandmother 🙂 I LOVE her! She is amazing and I LOVE her dress.

I usually post only one picture of the ring but I liked both of these 🙂

And as favors Lindsay chose some yummy granola for her guests 🙂

And finally the light was perfect for our fun shots with Lindsay and Shaeffer. These bike shots are my favorites! SO FUN ! 🙂

Many thanks to John Bosley for this beautiful image!

Love the barn!

And this is a super old snowmobile that we thought it would be fun for pictures, and it was !

And this an image I took of the silhouette of the mountains and the moon before we left.

All images © Karina Heneghan Photographics. Second shooter John Bosely. Thanks John for all your beautiful images!

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2 Responses to Lindsay and Shaeffer {Part 3}

  1. oli2569 says:

    Wow!!!! Stunning pics Kari!!! Everything looks so perfect and nice!! What a great weather!! Lovely wedding … Besos

    • Thanks Oli!!! You are always too kind with me 🙂 And yes! That wedding was delightful and I loved the couple too! Hope you and yours are doing well Oli. Besitos y abrazos !! 🙂

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