Mandi & Justin’s Maternity Session

And HELLO AGAIN everybody! I know that lately you are seeing a lot from me and that is because Summer time is my busiest time of the year. I LOVE getting outside and photographing people and amazing things. This time was the maternity session I did for Mandi and Justin, one of the most gorgeous couples I’ve ever met! Mandi loves color and so do I so we chose to do the session at the Botanical Gardens. By the way, if you have never visited this place, you MUST! It is stunning.

Pregnant, Mandi looks not just radiant, but still stunning !

She brought all kinds of cute things for the shoot. I LOVE having a variety of props to be creative with when I photograph my clients.

Then she changed into a white t-shirt and jeans. She still fits into her normal sized jeans!! Soooo amazing!

One of the most gorgeous couples I know!

Remember, I always try to edit my images with a variety of effects. For this session I did not do a lot of black and whites, it is hard to create a b/w image of such a colorful scenery.

And HOW ADORABLE are these pair of baby cowboy boots!!??

And I absolutely LOVE this!! Apparently there is a company that customizes these onesies for babies to say “Property of (family’s last name) OMG… so fun! Their last name is Newman 🙂

And lastly…. I had to take a picture of the adorable baby cowboy boots next to theirs!! I love my job and I really enjoyed working with Mandi and Justin again 🙂

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16 Responses to Mandi & Justin’s Maternity Session

  1. Monica says:

    Such great props! So fun and beautiful. Wonderful variety of shots and editing.

  2. Amazing shots ! Really wish I can take something like that =)

  3. Hannah says:

    Love these Karina!! Great shots of Jt and Mandi…and I love love love the boots picture!!

    • Thanks Hannah!! It was so great working with them again, they are such an amazing couple. And I too love those booties!! You have to tell me where you bought them, my brother and his wife live in Nashville and I am going to buy those for when they have their first baby!! Hope you are well! XOXOX

  4. Matilda says:

    very nice the last shot, love it 😉

  5. Marci says:

    Beautiful pics. What a beautiful family!!!!!!! I can’t wait to meet my little Grandson!!!!!

  6. Jill says:

    What a beautiful couple! I looove all of the props!!! These photos are so amazing, Karina (as always). You put so much thought, time and energy into creating the most special memories.

  7. A J says:

    Beautiful photos and I like props used to make these shots outstanding.

  8. Alex Khoo says:

    Very nice and full of fun loving photos! Nice!

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