A Gardening Photo-Session with Janelle

Simply stated: Janelle just needed some images for her new website. She is a gardener and hopes not only to work hands on gardens but also to write about her expertise. I suggested going to Wash Park as this place has gorgeous gardens and an amazing landscaping. We played around for couple of hours and this what I captured 🙂

A session in a garden is not complete without some shots of beautiful flowers. I also thought she could use some of these for the different pages of her site…

I also tried to do some artistic shots of Janelle and her gardening tools.

I LOVE this cute lion sculpted with some mossy material and some leaves!

And how amazing is this!? As were walking to East side of the park we saw mama geese and her babies swimming by us… What a sweet thing to see 🙂

And so Janelle rushed to climb up the tree and I snapped the shot!

Afterwards, Janelle changed into this pretty top to take couple more formal shots. I love how natural Janelle is and I loved working with her for the third time! 🙂

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One Response to A Gardening Photo-Session with Janelle

  1. mojo1972 says:

    Lovely shots! Perhaps Janelle will share her website link here when it’s ready! 🙂

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