Underwater Adventure in Egmont Key Island

I took a combined business and pleasure trip to Florida couple of weeks ago and I had so much fun! I’ve been wanting to go snorkeling now for several months so I decided to research some cool spots to do this in the Tampa Bay area which it was the area where I was going to be working. I found this fantastic adventure online that it looked fun and it was close by. A boat transported us from St. Pete Beach to an amazing island called Egmont Key. It was only a 45 minute ride and we saw lots of dolphins on our way there! It was a spectacular day, clear and warm and the island was beautiful and completely desolated. There was a beautiful lighthouse and some ruins from a Spanish Fort that we explored, I really liked that! After we were done exploring around, the boat took us to the west side of the island where some of the fort ruins were sunken not too far from the shore. The ruins created a reef for the fish and that made it for an amazing snorkeling adventure! I had such a magical time swimming with the fish… I grew up swimming in the ocean and enjoying its healing qualities. Here are some fun shots I took with a waterproof camera. Some of them are not too clear as the water was a bit turbid with many people swimming around me… but I think it did pretty good considering 🙂

I took this picture of myself underwater. I think I look like a strange creature but I love it 🙂

I love the sunlight in this picture and how it reflects all over me…

In this one you can see the boat right behind me.

I took this picture of my foot to show some relativity. This way you can see how tiny those fish are… there were hundreds of them everywhere! Soooo beautiful 🙂

Tiger fish by the ruins…

A shot I took of my friend Monica before she went down to explore the abyss 🙂
I LOVE swimming inverted for some reason, it makes me feel very free, but really?… who smiles underwater? haha 🙂

And here are some shots of the beautiful Island. Please note these are taken with a point and shoot and not with my professional SLR.

A picture of freedom and serenity 🙂

The beautiful lighthouse.

Spanish Fort ruins

I had such a great time and I miss the ocean already… Looking forward to another amazing adventure soon, perhaps in Hawaii next time!! Oh lala 🙂

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6 Responses to Underwater Adventure in Egmont Key Island

  1. Monica says:

    We had such a fantastic time. What a gorgeous day!

  2. Jill says:

    Love, love, love these photos!!! I definitely want to go with you next time. What an amazing experience!

  3. love the foot shot. Wouldn’t look as good with my foot – nail polish not really suitable 🙂

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