Baby Teddy Karbach

As I am starting to do more newborn shoots I am realizing not just how much I love them, but also how different they are from the my regular  shoots. First of all, in order to do this type of photography you need to have unlimited patience and time. Babies this little are very unpredictable so you will have to give yourself a lot of extra time to cope with the baby’s needs (sleeping, eating, crying, etc). But once you have this under control photographing them is just amazing. I photographed Megan and Jimmy’s wedding two years ago, and baby Teddy just arrived couple of weeks ago to make their lives complete. CONGRATULATIONS ! ♥

I love capturing Teddy awake with his eyes open! He is soo beautiful. I was lucky as newborns sleep most of the time…

This is actually a scarf! I knew it would be great to use it around his feet or body in order to add up a bit of color to the scene.

And how adorable is this!?… Teddy and his “Teddy bear” 🙂

And LOVE these images so much!! I put Teddy’s bassinet outside in the backyard to take advantage of the beautiful light and since we have been having the most amazing days, the baby was warm and cozy… I have a collection of hats I will be using on all my newborn shoots. This particular one was perfect for Teddy!

And lastly, the proud parents! ♥♥


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7 Responses to Baby Teddy Karbach

  1. Pamela says:

    Nice job, I have never photo a baby but it sounds like fun and they are so cute, how can you not love it 🙂

  2. Megan Downing says:

    Karina, we love them!!! As usual, they are better than we could have hoped! Can’t wait to see the rest!

  3. mojo1972 says:

    Precious! Especially love the pics with the hat and bassinet. And he sure looks content with his Teddy Bear!

  4. Jill says:

    Marc and I think that your photos are absolutely beautiful. We cannot stop looking at them! Teddy is so precious.

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