Urban Details of Larimer Square {Denver}

Here are some images I took while I was photographing Linda last week in downtown Denver. I really love this area, it is called Larimer Square and it is located in the heart of downtown just by the 16th St Mall. I particularly love the contrast between the ornate Victorian architecture and the modern urbanity that some of the shops and restaurants bring to the area. The Square is well-known and loved by most people in Denver. During Spring, Summer and Fall many festivals take place in this area, and at night a set of string lights hang over the street to make it even more magical…

These are just a “few” interesting and beautiful details I captured during one of my sessions and I really wanted to share them, but I will soon go back with the specific intention of photographing more of the buildings and architecture of that area, after all, Denver is one of the most progressive, aware and beautiful cities in the U.S  and I still have not taken the time to show if off 🙂  All images copyrighted by Karina Heneghan. 

© Karina Heneghan

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15 Responses to Urban Details of Larimer Square {Denver}

  1. Sarah Harris says:

    Oooh, you make me want to visit even more! I always wanted to but now you’ve captured a vibe that I want to experience!

  2. Such beautiful photos! Makes me want to break out my camera again! Thanks for sharing!

  3. great images Kari!!! love all of them….hugs..

  4. Aurélie says:

    Wow! I really REALLY love the colors and the composition. The first one is my favorite so far! 😀 Thanks for sharing this, it’s really inspiring!

    • Thanks so much Aurelie! And btw… I LOVE your name!! 🙂

      • Aurélie says:

        Ahaha! You’re the first person who ever told me that! It’s a typical old french name, there is plenty of Aurélie in France, when I was young, we were always 2 or more Aurélie in the same class!

      • Really??… I love your name, it reminds me of Amelie 🙂 Did you grow up in France?.. do you live there now? My grandfather was from Paris and I went to school there. I LOVE FRANCE! 🙂

      • Aurélie says:

        I’m born and raised in Paris. 🙂 I’ve just left last June, now I’m living in Montréal. My husband found a great job here. I’ve to admit, I’m homesick sometimes, but Montréal is a really nice city too. I had to live Paris to realise how I love this city. I hope, I’ll be back there one day, when I’ll be a famous photogrpaher! 😀

        So you lived in Paris too, in which arrondissement? How long did stay here?

      • Oh so great!! I am sure you will go back eventually and have a fabulous exhibit with your beautiful pics 🙂 I studied in Speos Photographic Institute in the heart of the 11th arrondisement between Bastille and Republique. It was so great living there for awhile and I cannot wait to go back!… I LOVED the food, the fashion and the architecture. I also visited Aix en Provence and that is one of my favorite places is the whole world! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Aurelie! And btw, I LOVE your name!!

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