Resistance Vs. Acceptance



Here is my photo-quote # 9! 🙂 This quote relates to the counter-productive effect that “resistance” has in our lives. Most of the time when we are discontent or dissatisfied with something is because things are not going the way we want or expect. When we resist the way things are in our lives by feeling unhappy and frustrated with our present condition, we create a lot of internal friction that drains our energy and disturbs our minds, but the worst part is that the more we resist that condition, the more it persists.

A lot has been said and taught about acceptance, but some of the most important teachings about this are: First, by accepting our present condition as it is no matter how unhappy and dissatisfied we feel, is an admission of responsibility, you somehow recognize that nothing really happens “to” you,  but everything happens “through” you. And second, by making the conscious choice of accepting your present circumstances without judgement, means deeply letting go of your wishes and demands or how life should be at that moment in order to live in peace.

Here an excerpt from a very interesting and lovely independent film called “Another Earth” that I thought it was very inspiring and enlightening, and I wanted to share it with all of you… I hope you also find it inspiring. ♥♥♥

/“So, the cosmonaut. He’s the first man ever to go into space, right? The Russians beat the Americans. So he goes up in this big space ship, but the only habitable part of it’s very small. So the cosmonaut’s in there, and he’s got this portal window, and he’s looking out of it, and he sees the curvature of the earth… for the first time. The first man to ever look at the planet he’s from! And he’s lost in that moment. And all of a sudden, this strange ticking begins coming out of the dashboard. He rips out the control panel, right? Takes out his tools, trying to find this sound — trying to stop this sound. But he can’t find it, he can’t stop it. It keeps going. A few hours into this begins to feel like torture. A few days go by with this sound and he knows that this small sound will break him. He’ll lose his mind. What’s he gonna do? He’s up in space! Alone! In a space closet! He’s got twenty-five days left to go with this sound. So, the cosmonaut decides the only way to save his sanity is to fall in love with this sound. So, he closes his eyes and he goes into his imagination. And when he opens them, he doesn’t hear ticking anymore. He hears music. And he spends the remainder of his time sailing through space in total bliss and peace.”/


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One Response to Resistance Vs. Acceptance

  1. I completely agree with agree with your views here! I guess I feel the same as in said in photoquote 😀

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