Jill ~ Jilly ~ Jill

I did a shoot yesterday at the park with Jill. It was a beautiful, warm sunny day! yay :). A bit windy but we made it work and we had fun. Jill is an Artist and an Art teacher and she needed some pictures for her new website. I really wanted to capture Jill’s personality and style. People’s expressions, body languages and even their clothing directly reflect their characters and lifestyles, but it is also up the photographer to capture all that in an accurate way so it can be transmitted to the public. The type of photographs people include in their business websites are very important… they should not be merely lifeless-possed headshots, especially if you are an artist. The images should convey effortlessly your personality, style and most importantly, your essence, so your audience can have an intimate feel for who you are before they contact you or use your services.

I love Holga and Diana cameras! they are so fun for creating artsy images, and I thought it was great that Jill brought hers. The Holga added a fun and creative element to our shoot 🙂

Even though I feel like backlit images lately are overused and overrated, I still like creating some of the them from time to time… I like the ethereal feeling they produce.

As a Physics aficionado I really loved the atomic-style logo of the Pablo’s Cafe. So fun! and I thought it was great as a backdrop too.

Afterwards we went to Pablo’s Cafe. It was my first time there and I loved it! I am definitely going back. I loved the drinks, the atmosphere and the admixture of geeks, artists and intellectuals 🙂

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13 Responses to Jill ~ Jilly ~ Jill

  1. A while ago I posted on my blog, “Looking through the viewfinder is looking into a world of endless possibility”, and I still believe it! You have some great photography. I am a WordPress photographer as well, so I love posts like these! 🙂 I especially liked the post of the cinnamon coffee (I think that’s what it is) Keep up the great work Karina!

  2. Hi Aaron, thanks for the kind words and for the comment. I will make sure to read your post about “Looking through the viewfinder is looking into a world of endless possibility”. That is the greatest title ever!… it resonates with me at many levels because I don’t only love photography but I am also a Quantum Physics lover which pretty much declares that our reality is just a world of endless possibilities until we bring one into manifestation, and this happens through the process of observation. Fascinating stuff!… Thanks again and keep in touch 🙂

  3. You’ve captured the eyes beautifully.

  4. dafarmer says:

    Wow , you captured her beautifully great job Karina!!! How do you do those shots with the sun creating a softer shot?

    • Thanks “dafarmer”. All you need to do is place your subject in front of the sun so you can shoot toward the sunlight. Once you start seeing the glare through your lens you can adjust your position until your find the desired angle. Then you need to adjust your exposure of course, as the camera meter will be fooled by so much light. Do not work on P, A or S programs, this won’t work… work in M. Set up your aperture first and then adjust your shutter speed to a lower setting. Keep bracketing until you find the right exposure for your subject 🙂

  5. jillkokesh says:

    It is truly so much fun being photographed by a fello shutterbug! It was a fun being in front of the camera with someone I could trust! Photographing people is your profession and you do it so well! I had no doubt in my mind that you would capture the uniqueness that I was looking for to promote myself as an artist, educator and advocate for the arts. I love all of the images you took of me yesterday, especially the series of photos you took at Pablo’s. Our adventure to Pablo’s was so spontaneous and fun…I was more relaxed…we were more relaxed! That’s when the magic happens! I look forward to plugging these images into my website very soon – for the March launch!!

    • Thanks Jill!! You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul and so much creative intelligence. I am glad I could help capture your essence in a unique way so you can share it with the world :). Can’t wait to see your website and blog!.. yay 🙂

  6. So fun. You do such a great job capturing personalities.

  7. Superb effects and usage of light! And that coffee pic is amazing! I can vividly see the designs in it!!

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