This is my Photo-quote # 8!… yay 🙂 I created it with an image I took of a NYC subway sign and quote from Ezra Benson. 

Below I posted an essay I wrote about a year ago that I thought was perfect to accompany the photo-quote, but I decided to edit it a bit and re-write couple of things.

How do you describe the path of your life? Are you leading? Are you following? Are you moving at all? Through time a part of you lives by making choices, the timeless in you whispers which way you should go… but are you listening?

The past is a memory, the future just an idea, and the choices that we make now define our existence. Where you stand in moments of pleasure and convenience is not as significant as where you stand in times of affliction, for to choose to do what is challenging as if it were easy denotes not only inner strength but also the fact that you are really listening.

There is so much wisdom in silence if you choose to be suspended in the gap of your thoughts , and so much beauty in differences if you choose to connect with your heart. There is truth in a stranger’s glimpse if you choose to raze your walls, and lessons in mistakes if you choose to be beautifully wrong.

If you fear your life you will never truly live, for NOT choosing is also a choice. But if you love your life and choose with vision and courage, you will not only live beyond the ordinary,  you will also experience a progressive inner growth that will expand your personal power and it will make your heart free. 

You can take the 6, E or V trains, it is up to you… just make sure you choose wisely and fearlessly 🙂 Thanks again for stopping by!


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4 Responses to ChOiCes

  1. cestlavie22 says:

    Hmm this is a little intimidating. Makes me afraid to make choices- and I am a control freak! Ha! Good picture and awesome essay really makes people stop and think before they jump into a choice that could change their life!

    • Thanks! I think it definitely is a bit intimidating. Choices really shape our lives and destinies so it is so important to choose wisely and fearlessly :). Being afraid to make certain choices is very normal, but at some point you need to let your intuition guide you and trust. Thanks again for the comment!

      • Cara says:

        Our souls don’t care about “right” or “wrong” choices. Only that they are truly our own, that we’re living our own lives instead of the lives we think others want for us. So don’t worry about being wrong…follow your own compass! We all have one. (I’ll admit…easier said than done much of the time!)

  2. I agree Cara…. but very few people are living their own lives based on the choices that they are making… that is the most common cause of dissatisfaction. Most people are trying to live up to the expectations of others and not choosing to live their own lives…. so the compass is always there, but the most important thing is for us to really follow it…. Love to you my friend !

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