Sunny California {Part III} LACMA LINES

This third post about CA mainly illustrates the art and architecture of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It is truly an amazing space that everyone should visit with very interesting permanent and temporary exhibits. I was particularly impressed with the Museum’s exterior. I love the surrounding gardens and the modernistic design of the courtyards between the buildings. Even the elevators were fantastic. I titled this post LACMA LINES because I focused more on capturing the angles and sections of buildings that accentuate and best showcase their architecture. For me, showing certain aspects of the building instead of photographing the building itself creates images more visually interesting, leaving the rest of the structure to the imagination.

This first photograph is actually a collage I created with several images. The background is a picture I took in one of LACMA’s courtyards, and the wording was composed of many individual images I took of a fabulous quote I saw on the wall of the Architecture and Design Museum of LA. The quote refers to Charles and Ray Eames designs. They were American designers who made major contributions to Modern Architechture and Furniture.

This exhibit uses Eames words to focus on the lesser-known aspects of their lives, revealing their appreciation for the value of humble objects and useful tools. From tumbleweeds to strawberries, a bolt of cloth to a keg of nails, from elephants in India to the bread of Scandinavia, the whole world was their canvas.

LACMA bookstore had a wonderful sale, of course I wanted to buy all the books! What a feast for my soul.Very few things I love more than books, perhaps because I love reading and writing so much. I am currently working on my own book. I can’t wait to see how that will unfold…

I love the perspective here. This image was taken at the Rodin gardens of the museum. I absolutely love sculptures, especially from Rodin, and I think the fact that they exhibited them outdoors is something remarkable. I love how this bust contrasts against the straight lines of the modernistic architecture of the museum. This is definitely a fabulous place to read, paint, sketch, have lunch and relax.

These large pillars belong to 202 Old Cast Iron Street Lamps. It is an exhibit by Chris Burden called Urban Light and it is located right at the corner of Ogden and Wilshire Blvd. I though it was soo cool! I Love the perspective the lamps create as they stand perfectly aligned from each other, and when they are lit up at night it is quite a scene 🙂I absolutely love the light here. It was around sunset time of course, and the yellow-golden light of the sun was bathing the buildings against a cloudless sky. A plane had just left a smoke (condensation) trail in the sky too, so I thought that enhanced the image. I love these lines… what a cool frame!

And here are the Street Lamps lit up at dusk. I thought they looked so beautiful.


Instead of writing an additional post I wanted to add up couple more images of some of the amazing and interesting art I saw at the museum, and couple other interesting things I found on the streets of LA.

The first images belong to an exhibit called “California Design 1930-1965” which it depicted the modern way Americans lived in California during that period. Throughout the 20th century this state symbolized the good life in America. After 1945 a newly prosperous population, intoxicated by the power of purchase after the deprivation years of the Great Depression, turned the state into America’s most important center for progressive architecture and furnishings. The exhibition explored how the California of our collective imagination – a democratic utopia where a benign climate permitted life to be led informally and largely outdoors was translated into a material culture that defined an era.

Of course the Jazz from this period was the BEST of this exhibition for me. I sat in front of this old stereo playing all the albums above and I did not leave for an hour! At the end, I purchased a cool tee with one the designs from the old LPs. I loooove it !



As we were driving back to the hotel I saw this and I had to capture it. No words needed. Just in Hollywood.

And what a better way to end my posts about CA than with the word “LOVE”. I saw this written on one of the streets and I thought to myself: When you are fully present and connected to that inexhaustible source of creative energy from your being, you are definitely in the vibration of love and you’ll probably see it everywhere. I loved every minute of my trip, I felt free to capture the wonderful things I saw on my own way and to express it to the world through my own eyes. Thanks for stopping by. Until next time…. ❤ (LOVE).




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19 Responses to Sunny California {Part III} LACMA LINES

  1. Gorgeous, Karina! I can’t wait to hear more about your trip! Well done!

  2. Tess says:

    Love these! I’ve wondered where those lamps are. I’d love to shoot there. Jealous of your entire trip. Hope it was as amazing as it looked!

  3. Love love love! The red staircase, with the palm fronds, as well as the line of palm trees on the street are my two favourites. How do you achieve such light in your photos? Is it from post-prod or your camera setting? Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Marina ! The lightness in my photos is achieved strictly through exposure. I only work in manual mode and I tend to over expose a bit. In my experience using the camera in the program modes such as A or S or even Auto does not help achieving the right exposure. The camera meters of DSLRs easily fooled by many different things. Working in M gives me full control of the exposure. I tend to set my A first and then adjust my shuter speed accordingly. If my shutter speed is too low for over-exposing, then I increase the ISO. Hope this helps ! Thanks for keeping in touch 🙂

  4. iamscotia says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. How did you get those marvelous blue hues in the sky again? You have a Nikon, right?

    • Yes, I shoot with Nikon equipment. The marvelous blues hues are very real. I was blessed with amazingly clear days during my trip… You have to use a relatively small aperture for the sky to look really blue, and you can also saturate colors using curves in photoshop too 🙂

  5. Håvard Hole says:

    I really liked number one and three, they were awesome 🙂

  6. Wonderful collection of photographs!

    Thanks for sharing them

  7. Thanks Havard. I really love the collage too. It is actually my favorite 🙂

  8. Alina says:

    These are beautiful! I should be traveling down to LA in near future- a deff stop on my list now!

    • Karina says:

      Thanks Alina! and yes, you should definitely visit all these wonderful places. You will love them!… Happy travels 🙂

  9. Karina – This are all really beautiful! Omg. These need to be in a gallery! Hope you’re well and looks like you had an amazing trip!

    • Thanks so much Kim! I am glad you like them. California is definitely amazing and it definitely was an inspiring trip at many levels…. I am thinking on going back soon and then maybe going to Boston. Hope you are also well too…. hope you have fun in Vegas with the clan. I would go… but I hate Vegas so much…. haha 🙂

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