2012 {Taking Responsibility}

As we enter a fabulous new year our minds and hearts get deluged by many different types of thoughts and emotions. It is almost a disorganized assortment of pictures of new projects, goals, fears, grievances, accomplishments, hopes and dreams. No matter our differences in cultural backgrounds, social status, age, race, religion or financial standing, we all have one goal in common: HAPPINESS.

Without delving too much into the complex concept of happiness and over-stating the almighty cliché that “happiness is a state of mind” I would like to take this essay in a different direction, a direction perhaps very personal to me but one that I am sure you can all relate to.

I believe that up until now humanity has been working backwards…. from individuals to entire nations, they were desperately trying to re-arrange the external world to their convenience without doing any transformational work on their own selves. The famous writer Neville states very wisely: “Man’s chief delusion is his conviction that there are causes to his problems other than his own state of consciousness”.But for the last 5 years the whole world has been slowly awakening to a new way of thinking, we are taking an evolutionary leap and realizing that the purpose of our existence is mastering ourselves so we can not just transcend suffering, but also help others to ascend to a higher realm.

Most people relate the concept of mastering oneself to living in isolation in a remote land meditating every day, fasting, and perhaps practicing teachings from some enlightened being. Even though that is not a bad idea for some of us :)… in this era of awakening and evolving that is not necessarily what is required in order to accomplish such an essential goal. I personally believe that independently of your spiritual beliefs or religious background the secret on mastering the self is uniquely implicit in only one thing: Taking responsibility for your life.

As you take complete responsibility for your life: physically, emotionally and spiritually, you enter a new realm of personal power that allows you to trust and love yourself more. The more you know and love yourself the better your chances to transcend suffering in all areas of your life and therefore achieving balance and happiness.

Taking responsibility for your physical condition means not just doing all the necessary things to keep a healthy body, but understanding that if your body is unbalanced in some manner that there is an underlined cause for that lack of health and it is up to you to restore it. We already know that our thoughts create our reality, so taking full responsibility for the thoughts we think in our minds means learning how to change negative patterns that don’t serve us anymore, and replacing them with new positive habits.

Most people are so terrified of confronting negative emotions that they choose to either deny them or to drown them in alcohol, drugs,
medications, or on all kinds of empty distractions. But the side effect of this denial or avoidance is a sort of psycological quicksand, the more you move to try to push these emotions away, the more you sink into darkness. Taking responsibility for our emotional health, acknowledging and integrating our negative feelings will provide us with a sense of emotional freedom that is exceedingly more satisfying than any shot, pill or hit you have taken in your life.

And lastly, taking responsibility for your spiritual state means learning to get in touch with the most important part of your being and understanding the impact of this essential relationship in your life. Pain and suffering are two different things. Suffering is self-imposed and it happens when we disconnect from our wisdom and remain ignorantly drifting around in the realm of the mundane, as things in the mundane are rarely what they seem and they will always provide us with the wrong answers.

The girl with the ring is not necessarily happier than the spinster, the CEO of the company may be more unfulfilled than the cashier, and the guy living in the penthouse may be more tormented and ignorant than the superintendent. It all lies in the level of responsibly we take for our own happiness.

As 2011 fades, I reflect on the year and know that I am not a victim of my circumstances and that I am responsible for my successes, failures and accomplishments. I embrace where I have been and love where I am going because I know I have the power to change. And next year when I reflect back about the quality of my life, either if I have advanced one inch or one mile, I will know that all depended on the kind of responsibility I have taken.

Thanks again for visiting my blog, I hope you found my words inspiring and helpful. Wishing you all a year full of positive change and personal growth 🙂

With love always,


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4 Responses to 2012 {Taking Responsibility}

  1. Javi&Palace says:

    And YES, I did find your words inspiring and really helpful. Thank you 🙂
    I liked the design you gave to this picture, golden colour is so elegant, so is the letter font.

    I will read this again…is such a reflexion post!! 🙂

    • Hi! Si hablo Español. Tu nombre es Javier?. Gracias por todos tus comentarios. Me agrada mucho que te guste mi trabajo. Si quieres comprar una lampara con mucho gusto te la envio. Do you live in the US? Thanks again for stopping by and for all your kind words ! 🙂

  2. I like this essay, but I’m not certain I *totally* agree with some of your statements. Suffering may be self-imposed to a degree, but it is also simply part of the human condition. If we love, we also suffer. If suffering is self-imposed, and I don’t want to suffer, then that may mean I should not love. To be human is to love *something*. I *do* agree that we should all take responsibility for our lives. Some religious peope would say they leave it in god’s hands. I say god helps those who help themselves. Your essay is thought provoking, which is what good writing should be, I think.

  3. iamscotia says:

    Not only do you take extremely masterful photos, but you are beautiful and wise. I will be subscribing to this blog. I want to hear more of what you have to say.

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