Deirdre, Giselle and Drake

I photographed beautiful Deirdre and her amazing kids in Boulder last Wednesday afternoon during a warm and sunny afternoon. What a fabulous fall we had here in Denver/Boulder! I love living in CO. We first started on Pearl St. which I love due to all the amazing little shops and corners I can find. I thought it would fun to find some cute cafes and ice cream shops to give a fun atmosphere to our shoot.

How adorable is Giselle’s face on this picture!? :), and I LOVE her t-shirt!…. I need to find one of those for myself !

I love these images and I love capturing the playfulness between Giselle and Drake. It is so endearing 🙂

How amazing is this?! Can you feel the love?

Deirdre went inside this cafe to get some yummy hot cocoa and I stayed outside playing with the kids… I snapped this last shot of them sneaking through the window when they were getting impatient 🙂

 I love this super cool and colorful bike outside of a beauty shop, it had a huge wheel and I thought it would be fun for the kids to play with it a little bit…

After that we went to beautiful Chautauqua park just for couple more shots. I thought it would be great to add up a little nature to the shoot, especially during such a beautiful day !

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