Carrie & Randy After Party Session

I did Carrie and Randy’s AMAZING After Party Session this Sunday afternoon in downtown Denver. Just as a reminder After Party Sessions are these sessions I created in substitution for the known trend “Trash the Dress”. I personally  do not resonate with the meaning or the connotation behind it. I believe a wedding dress is something memorable and elegant and it should not be “trashed”. Through the After Party Sessions I am trying to create images of either brides or couples wearing their wedding attires again, but in a much more relaxed way this time. The idea is to have fun with them, and to wear original and even perhaps editorial type of accessories that will match their personalities. For their session Carrie and Randy chose the 50s theme!! and I could not love this more 🙂 I think it was perfect for them. The different spots I chose in downtown worked out great as a backdrop for their theme.Let’s start telling the story….


Of course Union Station was our first choice and it worked out absolutely perfect for this! I also love the fact that the Station was empty. That provided a different type of mood to our scenes.

After that we went to The Oxford Hotel. Could this spot be any more perfect!?… This image will be fantastic in a Christmas Card!… I love Carrie’s red shoes and gloves and I also love the somehow blueish backdrop with the amazing wreath on the window. Wow 🙂

How amazing is this image?… I will definitely use it for some of my marketing materials.

Carrie is stunning !

I suggested to Carrie bringing a deck of cards. I thought it would be PERFECT for the theme. As we walked around downtown, I found a perfect corner for this… they played and I captured!… so fun 🙂

These are different cool spots I found. I LOVE brick walls and stairs… This is one of my favorite images form the whole shoot!

I even researched a little and found a fabulous 50s diner on 16th St, Mall.. the manager was kind enough to let us shoot there!! I am so grateful. Maybe these pictures will end up on the diner’s walls! I absolutely love these images…

Outside of a French Bistro… I need to visit this place. I LOVE French food.

I saw this cupcakes cart and I thought it was super cute! Not very 50s, but cute and romantic… 🙂


I wanted to showcase my images in 3 different ways this time since to me they all evoke a different feeling depending on the way they are edited. I think the black and whites are super classic and they definitely communicate something different than color images…


I edited these group of images applying to them an old vintage effect. I think they look incredibly authentic and timeless. They evoke a particular romantic and timeless feeling in my opinion.

Carrie’s hair and make up was done by Amy Thames

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4 Responses to Carrie & Randy After Party Session

  1. John Bosley says:

    How fun! So much classier than a trash the dress. 🙂

  2. Monica says:

    Great quality! They feel like they were taken decades ago. Great outfits, great locations.

  3. Carrie Flint says:

    Thank you so much for the unbelievably beautiful photos. They turned out better than I could even imagine! You are so incredibly talented!!

  4. Cara Hines says:

    Bellissima!! Your work/play always astounds me, Karina. The way you see the world and share it is beautiful.

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