Brandi & Bryan

Brandi & Bryan got married in a super cute old chapel in Sterling, CO. I loved everything about it, its size, the red door, the windows shape, and the fact that it was attached to an antique store. How cute! Talking about real vintage :). I loved having the opportunity to explore the East part of the State of Colorado and I loved working with them! We got really lucky with the weather. At first they were predicting snow and strong winds, but it actually turned out to be a nice day! I am so grateful. I also got the pleasure to work with Brianna McBride, she was my second shooter for the day. She is very professional and talented. Thanks Brianna for your beautiful images!

I LOVED using the red door as a backdrop for some of the accessories, and for people too!

Applying a vintage effect to this image made it look very authentically old…

I love this image!… so playful and full of emotion 🙂

After the ceremony we went to the County Club where the Reception was held. It was a bit windy and rainy then, but Brianna and I made it work…

How adorable are these two watching the groom and the bride dance?!

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One Response to Brandi & Bryan

  1. Shayna says:

    Oh goodness! I love the last one of those 2 boys! Great story it tells. Beautiful work…. all of the images are beautiful.

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