Tracie & Clint After Party Session

I did Tracie & Clint’s After Party Session couple weekends ago in the AMAZING downtown Fort Collins. After Party Sessions are these cute sessions I created in substitution for the known trend “Trash the Dress”. I personally  do not resonate with the meaning or the connotation behind it. I believe a wedding dress is something memorable and elegant and it should not be “trashed”. Through the After Party Sessions I am trying to create images of either brides or couples wearing their wedding attires again, but in a much more relaxed way this time. The idea is to have fun with them, and to wear original and even perhaps editorial type of accessories that will match their personalities. Additionally, the most fun part about these sessions is that they can be done anywhere. The more unusual the place the better! I am so inspired with so many ideas and I cannot wait to photograph my next brides and couples! 🙂

First we went to the Fort Collins Brewery because Clint used to work there. T & C are Bronco’s fans so they decided to start with wearing their Bronco’s props. Love the orange wall, it worked out perfect for this shot and their hats 🙂

Then we went to downtown Fort Collins. Tracie changed her accessories for some fun rain boots and a super cute hot pink bucket hat with flowers. Clint just wore an old baseball cap and his super fun Converse sneakers. LOVE this color palette. It worked out great with the scenery.

Notice the cute and arty design from the trash can and how perfectly complemented Tracie’s hat and boots!

Let’s get silly !! I love these two. They are by far one of my favorite couples ever. They are both incredibly kind, real and fun !

The old town’s alleys are full of sculptures, flowers and art pieces.

Tracie also brought an umbrella that matched her boots and hat perfectly. I LOVE her taste ! 🙂

Then we went for a shake. So romantic and fun!

I love this shot !

I love this corner by Enzio’s. Definitely one of my favorites.

I absolutely love this shot!… I will be using it for one of my postcards


We found this cute and arty piano in one of the alleys and Clint played for Tracie. So funny 🙂 LOVE these shots!

A creative way to display the rings…

 We also found this cute store front with fun chairs and pumpkins. I thought it would be great to use them considering it is fall.

And lastly… let’s add up some poetry to our session. I LOVE Sylvia Plath, even though she lived a sad life she is an amazing poet. This sign was too cute! Wish I could have attended the discussion…

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4 Responses to Tracie & Clint After Party Session

  1. Chris Styles says:

    Love this! Very vibrant and entertaining
    Keep up the good work and ill keep visiting your blog 🙂

    -Chris Styles

  2. AmyK says:

    Awesome pictures with an adorably cute couple!!

  3. Kay F. says:

    What fun pics! They belong in a magazine. Of course, this proves, once again, that you are gorgeous regardless of the costume. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time. May your lives be filled with fun and beautiful days!

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