About Me…

This is one of the most beautiful essays ever written. It resonates with my entire being and it deeply and accurately describes how I feel about the way I live my life and what it means for me to be an artist…

“It begins with a distant notion, a subtle whisper of the heart. It comes in the flash of an epiphany or through a deeper, unexplainable longing that has always been present. It’s the recognition of conception, the understanding that a new idea has been born. It’s embracing the dreamscape that is imagination and having the courage to go there. For those who accept a life of self-exploration through willful acts of creation, the journey offers the ecstasy of all that is possible, with the agony of unattainable perfection. It’s a solitary road into the unknown self, and offers no destination but the journey, but for those who follow it does lead somewhere, and such a life will never be uninteresting. ” (From the documentary Amargosa)

Photo by the super talented and great friend John Bosley.



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