ReAliGniNg PerSpeCtiVe

This photo-quote was created with one of my images from the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado and a powerful message that has always resonated with me. Sometimes, I think it is very hard for us to relinquish the attachment we feel with a particular person, job, thing or situation… perhaps one of our reasons for doing that is that subconsciously we don’t think we can do any better. But the reality is that the universe is a very powerful source of co-creation, and at the moment  you realize that you deserve to have and live your dreams, and believe it with all your heart, your whole world will change before your eyes… Your life is a clear reflection of what you believe about yourself.

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One Response to ReAliGniNg PerSpeCtiVe

  1. Sherry Russom says:

    Hi Karina, I love your photograph of the Sand Dunes and I find your words enlightening and inspiring! More, please!

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