Erin & Hunter {Part II}

Erin & Hunter rented a HUGE bus to transport all the wedding attendants, there were 22 people in the wedding party! :). I thought the exterior of the bus was actually cool for some of our shots 🙂

I love when unexpected things happen!. This shot is so great at some many levels because this is the type of spontaneity you can’t recreate, you have to capture it when it happens, if you don’t the moment will be lost forever…

Notice the amazing and delicate details in Erin’s dress. She looked gorgeous ! The bouquet complemented her dress perfectly too.

 Afterwards we went to Denver Art Museum for more photos !

After that we headed back to the Monaco for the Reception…

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One Response to Erin & Hunter {Part II}

  1. Colleen Teitelbaum says:

    All of these photos reflect the love and the joy that was truly felt by all! Wonderful! Wonderful! Colleen T.

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