ThE EteRnaL ToDaY

This photo-quote was created with one of the images I took on my way to  the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado and my own personal message (I don’t think you could call that a quote 🙂 ). For me change is fascinating, and lately I’ve been feeling more inspired than ever to make some new changes in my life. I believe we all have the responsibility and the power to change, and to change for the better. Personal growth is not propitiated by external circumstances alone, but also by the manner we process our experiences and how much we learn from them.  As Jung said: Who looks outside dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.


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6 Responses to ThE EteRnaL ToDaY

  1. A J says:

    It’s a beautiful shot with a very powerful quote. Sometimes changes can be tough however I guess changes in life keep up alive and growing. What do you say?

    • Most definitely AJ, that’s what I think. There is no growth without change and change is inevitable, so we must not fear it but embrace it as part of our personal path and as a catalyst to our own personal development. Thanks for kind words and comment ! 🙂

  2. Edward says:

    Great Shot Karina! Even better thought and quote! Thanks for sharing this!

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