Malorie & Jason (Part I)

Malorie and Jason came all the way from Chicago to get married at the beautiful Della Terra Chateau in Estes Park. I can honestly say this was one of my favorite weddings of the year!… The kindness and realness of Malorie and Jason are inimitable. Their wedding had a combination of style, simplicity and timelessness.  I truly enjoyed creating images every minute of it…

First notice Malorie’s exquisite taste… I love the flowers on her hair, and all her accessories were delicate antiques. Her slippers were Vera Wang Lavender and they were beaded with sparkly stones. Absolutely stunning !

Della Terra Chateau became immediately one of my favorite places to photograph weddings at. I love its rustic but modern style and its wonderful architecture. It is also located in a very quite and peaceful area of Estes embedded in the mountains. I hope I get to work there again very soon !!

Malorie wore an amazing and delicate gown and to complement it perfectly besides the Vera Wang slippers she wore a beautiful locket necklace that Jason gave her with pictures of himself and their son.

In the meantime the guys were getting ready and having fun with my amazing second camera shooter John Bosley ! A HUGE acknowledgment to him and his talent!

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3 Responses to Malorie & Jason (Part I)

  1. Malorie says:

    The pictures are perfect! You and John did an amazing job! Jason and I are grateful to have such a beautiful remembrance of our wedding day. Can’t wait for more!

    • Deb Steuben says:

      Karina – Thank you for capturing such magical moments for Mal & Jason. We will be forever grateful for such special memories. Your an amazing photographer & we can’t wait to see more of your photo’s.

    • Oh thanks Mal! I am so happy you all love them!!.. As I said, your wedding was sooo amazing and I was very inspired. Much more to come soon ! 🙂

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