Payal & Ayan {Henna Ceremony}

The Henna Ceremony is a pre-wedding ritual in the Hindu tradition that prepares the bride for her new life. This is primarily a ladies tea-party; however the male relatives are allowed to be present. On the “mehndi” ceremony, the future bride has her hands and feet intricately patterned with a paste which is a recipe of henna.The application of mehndi or henna takes about four hours to complete. Ideally, the bride-to-be should not wash her hands until the paste has completely dried. Invitees at the party also design each others hands with mehndi. Mehndi signifies the strength of love in a marriage. The darker the mehndi, the stronger the love. I love everything about Henna myself! Its color, look, smell, texture, etc. I LOVED photographing this beautiful ceremony !

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