Janelle & Tommy’s Engagement

I did Janelle and Tommy’s engagement in a beautiful park in Boulder. I thought it would be the perfect backdrop for it since they love nature and they also have two adorable Dalmatians!. After shooting for awhile in the park I had the idea of finding a fun and colorful place that would add up a different feeling to the session. COLOR can be so exciting for us photographers and it can totally communicate a message of fun and playfulness all on its own!. Janelle suggested this really cool thrift store just down the road. It was just perfect ! I loved working with Janelle and Tommy, and the doggies were amazing ! They were all so very genuine and fun  🙂

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2 Responses to Janelle & Tommy’s Engagement

  1. Janelle Bailey says:

    Tommy and I love the pictures! They really capture us, our dalmatians and the fabulous time we had.

  2. Awesome photos, Karina! Love the Dalmations!

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