How do you describe the path of your life?. Are you leading?, Are you following?, Are you moving at all?. Through time a part of you lives by making choices, the timeless in you whispers which way you should go. Are you listening?

The past is a memory, the future just an idea, and the choices that we make now define our existence. Where you stand in moments of pleasure and convenience is not as significant as where you stand in times of affliciton, for to choose to do what is challenging as if it were easy denotes not only inner strength but also the fact that you are really listening.

There is so much power in silence if you choose to understand, and so much beauty in differences if you choose to see with your heart. There is truth in a stranger’s glimpse if you choose to raze your walls, and lessons in mistakes if you choose to be beautifully wrong.

If you fear your life you will never truly live, for NOT choosing is also a choice. If you love your life and choose with vision and courage, you will not only live beyond the ordinary, but will soon endure inner change and experience the power of ultimate human freedom.

Wishing you a year full of love, growth and fearless choices!     Karina

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3 Responses to Choices

  1. Shining says:

    We’re waiting for you!! (Madrid and me). Sería un maravilloso reencuentro en un escenario increíble. ¡Anímate!

  2. I LOVE this, especially “NOT choosing is also a choice.” What would it be like if we really asked ourselves at all times “is this light or heavy” and followed our intuition. Would we be happier trusting in ourselves and knowing what’s a “good risk” and what’s a “heavy risk”? Hmm…

  3. as thoughtful and inspiring as expected from you!!!
    seems that life presents itself in an array of fleeting options.
    they hit with such velocity at times you would think they were fired from a canon .
    but the canons of life are diverse and seated in conditions we don’t and shouldn’t always abide by.
    there in lies the challenge of playing the music with your own tune….
    may your music always be uninterrupted and full of inspirations Kluv…..
    lots of love always…………..P

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