Dylan’s One Year Session

Hi everyone!

Summer is finally HERE and that means, lots of trips! but also, lots of children and family sessions 🙂  I am super busy now, yay! I love my job so much especially at this time of the year when I get to photograph lots of new kidos and I get to meet new beautiful clients 🙂

Here is the preview for the session I did with amazing Dylan. He just turned one so we got really creative. He got to eat cookies out of a fun jar, play with bubbles, wear a fun hat, and eat his first cake!! He is sooo cute and was so fun to work with. I had a great time working with them and capturing Dylan’s fun expressions of joy, especially as he was eating his cake! Lol.

Stay tuned for my next post on my travels through amazing and unique San Francisco!

Love, K


Dylancookies _DSC9361 _DSC9385 _DSC9388Bubbles _DSC9397 _DSC9467 _DSC9487 _DSC9510 _DSC9511BWone _DSC9516 _DSC9565 _DSC9628 Cake


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The Charming And Magical Mission Inn Hotel

I did some extensive traveling throughout California last year, and as I was visiting Riverside, I went to see the majestic Mission Inn Hotel. I could seriously not believe my eyes!

Framed by its breathtaking Spanish Mission-style architecture, this hotel is a National Historic Landmark and member of the Historic Hotels of America. Its amazing award winning architecture and style from 1876 evokes the romance and enchantment of a European Castle. It is super romantic 🙂

It occupies an entire block in downtown Riverside and it is a place where magnificent vistas harbor countless, intimate, hidden treasures. And it’s also where the outside world is left behind to set a vivid stage for memories that will last a lifetime, it seriously feel like you are living in different time period.

I visited it several times, couple times during the day and one time at night. The vibe was completely different, but remarkably beautiful in different ways. The images taken at night are not as sharp as the ones taken during the day as I did not have a tripod.

If you ever visit southern California, this will be a place you can’t miss. I am not sure you will find something quite the same anywhere else in the country. Its uniquely remarkable!

All images copyright Karina Heneghan

_DSC4491 _DSC4494 _DSC4496 _DSC4498 _DSC4499 _DSC4505 _DSC4506 _DSC4508 _DSC4519 _DSC4526 _DSC4530 _DSC4534 _DSC4538 _DSC4542 _DSC4553 _DSC4557 _DSC4564 _DSC4569 _DSC4571 _DSC4575 _DSC4577 _DSC4589 _DSC4598 _DSC4601 _DSC4602 _DSC4605 _DSC4655 _DSC4665 _DSC4666 _DSC4671 _DSC4680 _DSC4684

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Charli’s “One Year Old” Session

I have worked with a lot of children and babies during my years as a photographer, but there is something incredibly special about working with a baby that is yours or that belongs in your family. This gorgeous child is my niece Charli Raye, she is not only one of THE MOST beautiful children I have ever photographed, but she is also a bundle of joy and fun! 🙂 The time I spent working and bonding with her was unmatchable, and of course I am biased… I love her so much it hurts!! But how can you not!? Just take a  look at these images and tell me how they make you feel… ❤

For the first part of her session I chose a farm like place outside of Nashville where the reflective light was just amazing and appropriate. And for the second part, I chose the gorgeous Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville, where the backdrops were to die for.

Having the opportunity of documenting Charli’s growth in such a creative way makes me feel super happy, and I hope one day, when she is older and sees these images, that she would be happy too, and that she would love her auntie Kari even more for having captured such fun images of her!! Lol.

All images Copyright Karina Heneghan

_DSC9571_DSC9616 _DSC9653_DSC9663 _DSC9659 _DSC9708_DSC9897 _DSC9846 _DSC9863_DSC9823 _DSC9819 _DSC9812 _DSC9789 _DSC9714_DSC2470_DSC2489_DSC2516_DSC2531

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Hello everyone! My last trip to Brooklyn and NYC was so much fun and I did not just take pictures with my professional camera, I also took some really cool and creative shots with my iphone that I posted on Instagram. I wanted to make a short post and share these images with all of you as well.

Please note that because these are phone pictures they are not as sharp or as great quality as the rest of the images I post on this blog. I am much aware of that, but I still think they are worth the fun!

Some of them are edited using Instagram’s filters and some were just left unedited. I hope you are all getting creative with Instagram as well, it is super inspiring! 🙂 and if you want to follow me, just find me @karinaheneghan. I will follow you right back!

Love and creative vibes, K

These were the first ones I took of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park and Brooklyn Heights Promenade. If you want to see more like these and better, check out my last post…

photo 1 photo 3photo 3 (5)

I took all of these at The Brooklyn Flea Market in Fort Green. I LOVE them all! I had so much fun walking around, shopping, browsing and taking photos with my phone 🙂 If you ever visit Brooklyn, flea markets are an awesome place to practice your photography and to get some really original captures. The Brooklyn Flea Market happens in two different locations on the weekend. make sure you check the website before you go.

photo 4 photo 4 (2) photo 4 (1) photo 3 (2) photo 3 (1) photo 2 (3) photo 2 (2) photo 2 (1) photo 1 (5) photo 1 (4)This one I captured from Governors Island. Great fun and super amazing views! Love, love, love the red benches! 🙂

photo 4 (3)All these are from Soho. I could spend months photographing the urban charm of this awesome area.

photo 3 (4) photo 4 (5) photo 2 (4) photo 1 (6)And lastly, here is a selfie… it is practically impossible being in NYC and not taking a colorless selfie, lol.

photo (2)




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New York Skyline Collection

Hello everyone! I know, long time no blogging! 😦  but a recent trip to the fabulous NYC got me really inspired and motivated to get caught up!

I have been in New York 11 times now but I have to say, this was one of my favorite times! For starters, I got to spend more time in Brooklyn this time which I loved, and I also adventured to really cool places that I really enjoyed and that I had never visited before, like Governors Island and Williamsburg!

One of the things I enjoyed most about Brooklyn besides its diversity, great architecture, amazing Jazz, and delicious authentic cuisine was the view of Manhattan from many different strategic points. If you guys ever visit NYC and want to see “the most beautiful skyline in the world” you must go to Brooklyn. It is super easy getting there from the city, you can take the subway to Borough Hall station or you can simply take a fabulous stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge which is one of the most amazing things you can do if you visit NY anyway.

Once in Brooklyn, the most amazing points for enjoying the view of Manhattan are Brooklyn Bridge Park, just right under the Brooklyn Bridge, and Brooklyn Heights Promenade. From the park you can appreciate the magnificence of the buildings because they are right in front of you just across the Hudson river, but the view of the bridges (Brooklyn and Manhattan) are a bit from below. For appreciating the bridges and buildings from a different perspective go up to Brooklyn Heights, the view from above is absolutely breathtaking, especially at night when all the lights are twinkling :-). I actually did not bring a tripod with me, if you are going to do some night photography make sure you bring a portable one, or do what I did, I used the fence to hold my camera steady and held my breath, lol. The images are not as sharp as they should be, but they are good enough for me.

Lastly if you would like to see a different view of NYC and have the time, take a short ferry ride to Governors Island from Pier 6, it is only couple bucks and it is so worth it! Once on the island you can rent a bike to explore. Make sure it is a clear day though, otherwise your pictures will lack a bit of vibrancy.

I have created a collection with some of my favorite NYC skyline pictures. Most of them are in color only because I was lucky enough to enjoy incredibly clear summer days, but I also wanted to do some black and whites because, you know, there is nothing more classic and timeless than pictures of NYC in black and white, right? 🙂

I hope you enjoy them and please let me know if you have any questions!

Blessings, love and inspiration, K


_DSC3895_DSC3869-1_DSC3892Lunch with a view!!
_DSC3904-2 _DSC3950 _DSC3955-4View from Governors Island 
_DSC3965 _DSC3971 _DSC3978 I actually took this shot of the Statue of Liberty with my zoom lens (200) from Governors Island. She is SO beautiful!! I think it came out great 🙂 _DSC3980-5 Close up of the Freedom Tower from Governors Island._DSC3984_DSC3995I captured this sunset image from Pier 2 at Brooklyn Bridge Park
_DSC4008 View of Manhattan and Pier 2 from Brooklyn Heights _DSC4032 _DSC4038I know this image is not so aesthetically pleasing because it shows a bit of the construction site, but I love it anyways!
_DSC4054 _DSC4062


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Hi guys! I hope you all had a great February 🙂 I am so ready for Spring!

Continuing with the series on my favorite images from 2013, yay! This time I wanted to share my favorite images from my Instagram collection. I tried to stay away from conventional portraits or anything too traditional and to include more artistic and visually interesting images. This particular assortment includes some good captures from my travels to California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah, and some other random shots of nature, art and cool architecture. I also added captions to some of the images, and I am actually thinking on creating an entire collection of these. Some of these photos were captured with my Nikon but the majority were taken with my iphone.

If you guys want to follow me on Instagram  you can find me by Karina Heneghan 🙂 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope we all get to share our Insta-creativity!

Many blesssings! Karina


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HaPPy LOVE DaY!! <3


“On a day like today: truly happy and blessed are those (of us) who by getting lost, have bumped into our own selves, and learned to love the normalcy of solitude by loving ourselves uncritically, as this is the main evolutionary requirement for genuinely loving others.” ~ Me

I happily welcome all my new followers!  Sending genuine love to all of you ❤

_DSC4528Image copyright Karina Heneghan

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A Very Special Wedding in Captiva Island {Emily & Brian}

Hi everyone!

I was working gathering all my favorite wedding pictures from last year and when I got to this wedding I just could not narrow it down 😦 This wedding was just stunning in many ways. The bride and groom are now one of my favorite couples ever, and actually, Emily (the bride) and I have become friends and we continue to stay in touch. She is also one of my favorite brides as well!  Another reason this wedding is so special is because it took place at the AMAZING South Seas Resort in Captiva Island, Florida. (Wish I were there now and not freezing my bones here in Colorado) 😦

Every little detailed was planned to perfection, the choice of color, style and celebration were just incredibly classy and beautiful. It was not just an honor for me to be hired to photograph this wedding, but also a delight to be there for couple days enjoying such magical place.

I decided to do an individual post for this wedding because I wanted to share many of the beautiful images we captured, but I will also do another one soon with my favorite images from the rest of the weddings we did last year which they were also beautiful.

My favorite things about this wedding were: Emily’s dress, Emily’s slippers, the trolley, and the crazy laser lights from the DJ. Check it out!! 🙂

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! Infinite blessings, Karina

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage_DSC9261 _DSC9271ImageAll images copyright: Karina Heneghan/ Second Shooter: Jennifer Jackson

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Adjust Your Attitudes

Hey guys! Sharing a bit of my inner reflections today….. this blog isn’t all about work and no play! 😉

I’ve been hearing a lot of blue words of discontent lately from friends and acquaintances and my first reactions to them were: This is the beginning of a new year, shouldn’t we be excited about having another opportunity to change things around?, about the fading of the old patterns and the newness of the next 12 months?

Just a reminder to evaluate your attitudes. Now is the time to gather inspiration and to formulate your plan of action; the time to reassess your strengths and weaknesses and to be honest with yourself. To completely let go of your self-impose limitations and to forgive your intentional or unintentional non-accomplishments. I know self motivation is elusive, but it is infinitely more difficult to find when we are trapped in the heavy quicksand-ish hold of a negative attitude.

Counting your blessings may be an all time cliche… but it really works. When feeling frustrated or negative, shift your attention to all the amazing blessings in your life, include your playdates, privileges, and sunny days, and don’t ever forget your freedoms, that is the most unacknowledged of all of our blessings 🙂

Wishing you an inspiring and empowering beginning of the year!


Photo-quoteJan2014Image copyright Karina Heneghan

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The Luminosity Of My First Niece

This amazingly sweet baby is my niece Charli Raye 🙂 Of course I am biased when I say that she is one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen, lol. I did a full newborn session with her last March and I had such a great time photographing her 🙂 I LOVE getting creative with babies, especially when I have all the time in the world to do what a want. I used a variety of props for her session, but i also wanted to capture her with her mom and dad (my gorgeous brother) and give these images a raw and timeless type of look. I think sometimes subtracting things from an image, leaves us face to face with our subjects exacerbating the emotion they transmit, and what could be more emotive than capturing someone being a parent for the first time?

_DSC4530webname _DSC4446web_DSC4554web _DSC4476web _DSC4520web_DSC4747web _DSC4752web _DSC4986web _DSC5031web

Among some of the props I used for her session are a variety of things you will find in a flee market like old suitcases, coke boxes, and fury rugs…. I also used baskets, cheesecloth wraps, and a mandolin case as my sister in law is a musician.

For the black and white portraits I asked my brother and sister in law to wear all black clothing, and for the baby to be fully naked. And for some other ones, I thought that my brother should be shirtless. I wanted to capture the beautiful contrast between strength and fragility, and those shots are probably my favorite ones in the whole session 🙂

_DSC4906web _DSC5204web_DSC4576web_DSC5278web _DSC5273webAnd lastly, when I was editing all the images from the session, I came across some pictures of Charli making the funniest faces, but what made me laugh the most was the fact that my sister in law was holding her and posing in the most gracious way, while the baby for some reason was making some really strange and hysterical faces…. so I could not let that go to waste and I created some hilarious collages with them….. I hope you enjoy them 🙂

Charlifacestext copyCharlifaces2textLOL! Charli, I hope you forgive me for this one day! haha 🙂

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